23 October 2018

Automation Anywhere – a Hitchhiker’s Guide

In our experience, the most important but angst-ridden and difficult step for customers is moving from RPA-curious to taking the plunge - developing the right Automation Anywhere deployment strategy, and preferably one which embodies and builds upon best-practice foundations.

To assist you, we’ve put together this whitepaper capturing the distilled best-practice wisdom from our many Automation Anywhere customer implementations.

Download your copy free here.

If you take away only one piece of advice from this, remember that one size does not fit all – every organisation is different - and a cookie-cutter standard template approach will almost certainly not deliver the rapid increases in efficiency and compliance and reductions in cost which you crave and expect.

Mark Mannion

Mark Mannion is Extra Technology’s CEO and a recognised expert in the field of Intelligent Automation, including Robotic Process Automation, Workload Automation and Advanced Analytics. Mark advocates a pragmatic approach to Automation, encouraging a policy of using ‘the best tool for the job’.

Prior to co-founding Extra Technology, Mark worked in Senior Automation roles, architecting and delivering robust, scalable solutions for many of the world’s biggest banks and working with leading Automation vendors. He developed his first automated solution in 1992 and has continued to deliver robust, scalable and sophisticated Automation ever since.

Mark is a regular guest speaker and panellist at Automation seminars, conferences and user group events most recently the Workload Automation Summit, CA World, Innovation Europe and ISoP Intelligent Automation in Pharmacovigilance.

Faz Moshfeghi

Faz Moshfeghi is an Intelligent Automation Solution Architect with Extra Technology. He has 25+ years of industry experience, specialising in IT Automation, System Integration and Business Transformation including Robotic Process Automation, Workload Automation, Process Automation, FpML messaging, and Straight Through Processing. Faz is a senior member of Extra Technology’s RPA team and designed and developed Automation Anywhere Automation utilities for specific tasks in the Pharma sector. He has also taken a lead in a large-scale Automation project for a leading bank, and ran a critical Automation product replacement project for a leading Telecoms provider.

Faz has a proven history of providing BPM governance, designing best practices, project management practices, process analysis & selection, robotic process development and process delivery.

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