04 January 2017

CA Technologies & Automic – an Extra Technology Perspective

Extra Technology enjoys a perhaps unique perspective on the recent acquisition of Automic by CA Technologies, having been a business partner of both companies and implemented workload automation solutions with both technology sets.

This is my ten cents.

Imagine you have a really gifted friend – laser beam intellect, really academically acute and a high-flier, but with a dismal track record in their romantic life, and a succession of relationships you never really approved of. Then, against all expectations, they introduce you to their new partner, who’s dependable, resourceful, committed, experienced - in a good way  - and inspires confidence.

Automic and its previous avatar UC4 had a rough time accommodating the differing short-term business visions of various VCs, but has now found a safe harbour with CA Technologies, who really understand the Workload Automation business and where Automic is best suited to play.

Automic has a very rich feature set which complements existing CA WA functionality in CA AutoSys, CA dSeries, CA 7 and CA iDash. There are of course areas of overlap, but what excites me is the thought of combining best-of-breed features from both product sets; say Automic’s cloud-enabled orchestration functionality with iDash’s critical path identification, SLA management and reporting - in a single integrated solution.

A perceptive acquisition then by Mike Gregoire, and one which will enhance Extra Technology’s ability to deliver WA solutions spanning all technologies – from mainframe through distributed to Cloud, all roles – from App Dev through Production to Line of Business, and all platforms – physical, virtual, Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

A fine marriage, but we’ll have to wait a little to see what the children look like .

Paul Donoghue-Parker

Mark Mannion is Extra Technology’s Managing Director.

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