05 February 2016

Extra Technology confirms the general availability of CA Workload Automation iDash R12

iDash Summary

CA Workload Automation iDash (iDash) ensures that you consistently deliver on service level guarantees by applying advanced workload analytics to create finely tuned workload automation environments. iDash performs real-time forecasts based on the current status of the system, generates alerts when thresholds are at risk of being missed, and even executes automated recovery actions for CA Workload Automation AE and CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition environments.

iDash Benefits

iDash brings predictive analytics to AutoSys and CA 7 Workload Automation users, with these key benefits:

  • Improved timely service delivery - effective management of large volumes of complex, business-critical workloads across multiple applications and platforms. In such complex environments, a single failure can have a significant impact on an organisation’s capability to deliver goods and services
  • Reduced time for problem resolution – enabling IT promptly to understand the business impact of individual job failures and take corrective actions before they cause any significant business disruptions or miss established SLAs.
  • Self-service SLA management - flexible processes allowing teams to “self-service” manage their own SLAs, eliminating the need for extra time and effort from other departments or administrators.
  • Comprehensive reporting – Eliminating time consuming and difficult collection, storage, analysis and reporting of workload data points by providing a central repository of data that can be used to generate custom reports for operational and compliance requirements.
  • Improved staff efficiency - significant reduction in IT time spent on redundant or mundane administrative tasks and resultant improvement of staff efficiency.

iDash in Operation

CA Workload Automation iDash is designed to monitor the entire CA Workload Automation AutoSys® Edition (AE) and CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition environment.

iDash performs real-time forecasts based on the current status of the system, generates alerts when the thresholds are at risk of being missed and even executes automated recovery actions.

It helps organisations proactively to monitor and manage their service level agreements before they cause business disruption. Monitoring capabilities of users are enhanced by a consolidated dashboard and graphical views that enable each user to focus on the SLAs relevant to them.

CA Workload Automation iDash also provides the ability to store and report on historical and predicted workload and SLA data across the entire environment. It provides an extensive set of customisable reports, graphs, and charts for the archived data. These reporting capabilities significantly enhance visibility to help you better optimise your workload environment.

Click here for an iDash R12 datasheet : http://www.ca.com/idash


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