30 March 2016

Migrating CA Technologies customers from Terma Software JAWS™ (JAWS) to CA Workload Automation iDash (CA iDash)


JAWS™ - also known as TermaUNIFY™- is a workload automation analytics product from Terma Software.

CA iDash is a workload automation analytics product from CA Technologies.

Many CA Technologies’ CA Workload Automation AutoSys™ (CA AutoSys) customers are looking to migrate from JAWS to CA iDash, because CA Technologies no longer sells or supports JAWS.

CA AutoSys users with JAWS are looking for a unified predictive analytics environment thatis both integrated with CA AutoSys and supported by CA Technologies, and CA iDash meets these criteria.

As CA Technologies’ Preferred Partner for Workload Automation Predictive Analytics, Extra Technology has been appointed by CA to define and create a standard conversion methodology and toolset for migrating from JAWS to CA iDash.

What are the main technical obstacles to migrating?

While JAWS and CA iDash share many common characteristics, and broadly address the same needs for advanced reporting and predictive SLA management for CA AutoSys customers, there are a number of key differences in the ways that each product works in these areas.

Without the right in-depth expertise and experience of these differences, migrating to CA iDash may become a drawn out and expensive manual process.

Extra Technology’s Approach

Extra Technology is working to help a major US bank migrate from JAWS to CA iDash. We are calling on our extensive experience and best practice to deliver a quick and smooth transition.

In the course of this migration we continue to refine our best practice methodology and toolset for future use – there are always opportunities to learn!

Our method employs our own semi-automated conversion machine - into which JAWS reports and SLAs are fed, and out of which CA iDash reports and SLAs emerge.

As a result, all our future JAWs to CA iDash migrations will benefit from our refined methodology and toolset and will thus be swifter, safer and cheaper.



Antony Askew, Practice Manager at Extra Technology

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