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Workload Automation(WLA) automates complex workloads with maximum flexibility.

Extra Technology is justifiably proud of our very high reputation for workload automation expertise.

This reputation derives from our team of fully-certified experts, all of whom are alumni of workflow automation vendors and former senior IT managers in large enterprise organisations.

So we bring deep reservoirs of product knowledge and industry experience to your workload automation projects.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a methodology which embraces the complete workload automation lifecycle. This covers not only planning, design and implementation, but also review and ongoing support. Customers tell us this means they can trust our work and advice implicitly and enjoy peace of mind.

We are accredited specialists in CA Technologies Workload Automation technologies, but we also have deep expertise in other workload automation platforms:

  • Automic/Orsyp
  • BMC Control/M
  • Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
  • Redwood Cronacle
  • Stonebranch
  • PXS

Using this expertise we have completed many conversions from one workflow automation platform to another with a dedicated Conversions Team.

Reduce the complexity of managing application workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments with CA Workload Automation from Extra Technology.

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