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ETTRWCC001 - AutoSys(AE) WCC User Course

Course Duration

1 day

Course Description

This one day course demonstrates the features and functionality of CA Workload Control Center (WCC) - Graphical User Interface for AutoSys(AE) using the latest software versions.

Intended Audience

This course appeals to both brand new AutoSys(AE) users and those looking to expand their existing knowledge.

Key Skills

After completing this course you will be able to use the WCCInterface to manage your AutoSys(AE) Workloads.

Course Outline

  1. WCC Overview
    • What is WCC?
    • Architecture and Components of WCC
    • Running WCC and Logging In
    • Setting Your Preferences
  2. Using WCC - Overview
    • The Dashboard
    • Monitoring
    • Quick View
    • Quick Edit
    • Enterprise Command Line
    • Widget Management
  3. Lesson 3 - Monitoring
    • Monitoring Views - Creating, Editing and Using Views
    • Table Views, Summaries, Flow Views
    • Alerts - Creating and Using Alert Policies
  4. Quick View / Quick Edit
    • Searching and Loading
    • Displaying Job Attributes
    • Editing Jobs
    • Managing Calendars
    • Managing Global Variables
    • Managing Machine Definitions
  5. Reporting and Forecasting
    • Creating Reports
    • Running Reports
    • Forecasting
  6. The Enterprise Command Line (ECLI)
    • Running Commands
    • Saving Commands
    • Import and Export
  7. Wrap Up
    • Recap of the Course
    • Q and A
    • Further Information

Course Pre Requisites

Completion of ETTRAES001 recommended.

Previous knowledge of AutoSys(AE) is essential.

Daniel Chidgey

Daniel Chidgey

Course Instructor

Daniel is a CA Certified AutoSys Subject Matter Expert. He has specialised in CA Workload Automation consultancy since 2009, regularly representing CA Technologies as a Senior Services Consultant and Education Instructor. A regular guest speaker at the UK AutoSys User Groups since 2012, Dan has presented on varied topics including AutoSys Upgrade Strategies, Managing Service Level Agreements and Software Development Lifecycle Management. Dan has in-depth knowledge of AutoSys r11.0, r11.3, r11.3.5 and r11.3.6 and is a committed contributor to CA's AutoSys, WCC, EEM and iDash Beta programmes. Dan is responsible for co-writing Extra Technology's Education Courses. He also produces and scripts Extra Technology’s ‘How To’ videos.

Antony Askew

Antony Askew

Course Instructor

Antony is a CA Certified AutoSys r11.3 expert, a member of the CA Workload Automation Steering Panel, Chairman of the UK AutoSys User Group and Session Speaker at CA World 2012.

Antony managed CA's EMEA support-desk for AutoSys, managed the AutoSys estates of a number of Global Financial Services companies before joining Extra Technology as CA Practice Manager.

Bhupinder Janjuha

Bhupinder Janjuha

Course Instructor

Bhupinder Janjuha is a CA Certified AutoSys r11.3 expert. Bhupinder managed The EMEA support-desk for AutoSys vendor (before CA) Platinum Technology and was a key member of the team that sold AutoSys throughout Europe during the mid to late 90s.

Bhups later worked as an AutoSys SME / Architect for many of the world's most prestigious AutoSys customers, before co-founding Extra Technology in 2007.

Bhupinder regularly represents CA Technologies as an AutoSys SME, Architect and Educator.

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