Even the best Workload Automation software remains simply a tool, with the correct expertise required to use it to optimum effect. In this blog Antony Askew, Extra Technology's Head of Practice, gives you the benefit of his years of experience in deploying and optimising Workload Automation solutions, cataloguing the most commonly made Workload Automation mistakes and how to avoid them.


JAWS™ - also known as TermaUNIFY™- is a workload automation analytics product from Terma Software.

CA iDash is a workload automation analytics product from CA Technologies.

iDash Summary

CA Workload Automation iDash (iDash) ensures that you consistently deliver on service level guarantees by applying advanced workload analytics to create finely tuned workload automation environments. iDash performs real-time forecasts based on the current status of the system, generates alerts when thresholds are at risk of being missed, and even executes automated recovery actions for CA Workload Automation AE and CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition environments.

A blog by Bhupinder Janjuha, Extra Technology's Technical Director


Extra Technology is proud to be a trusted partner of CA Technologies. We have been introduced many times by them as their partner of choice to migrate priority customers from legacy workload automation environments to new ones.

A blog by Sean Davidson, Extra Technology’s Continuous Delivery Specialist.

Many organisations want to improve the speed of application deployment, shrink release cycles and reduce problems - they have realised that this can only be done by automating the process.

Why typically do customers decide to implement release automation?

Sometimes it is as simple as the customer realising that they are a hostage to fortune, with a multiplicity of scripts maintained by a single person. Potentially business critical systems will have a single point of failure and be very vulnerable, if that person is for any reason no longer around.

03 August 2015

The Women of IT

A blog by Extra Technology's Lisa Mannion.

It is 200 years since the birth of English mathematician and writer Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace), often referred to as the world's first computer programmer - she wrote the first algorithm intended to be carried out by Charles Babbage's general-purpose computer, the 'Analytical Engine'.

A study by 'Women in Science and Engineering' (WISE) informs us that only 13 per cent of UK workers in scientific, technological, engineering and mathematical (STEM) careers are women.

Presentation slides from the 2014 CA Workload Automation Technical Summit UK (#WATSUK)

The Extra Technology team will be presenting two sessions at CA World 2014.

Bletchley Park, home of Extra Technology's Milton Keynes office, is in the news as top-secret WW2 "Banbury sheets", are discovered stuffed into the ceilings and walls of a codebreaking hut.

In this video Extra Technology's Paul Donoghue-Parker shows us how to back out an AutoSys JIL change using Arbiter Software Automation Change Control Expert (ACCE).

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