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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is a rules-based process automation technology based around software robots.

Extra Technology’s RPA team of experts have all worked on successful RPA deployments in large enterprise organisations and are accredited to the highest possible level in Automation Anywhere™, our preferred RPA platform.

We’ve evolved a best-practice approach designed to ensure the most appropriate RPA deployment strategy for your organisation, based on the premise that every organisation is different.

In this way, we first help you build the business case for RPA, identifying the best function, group or unit for a proof of concept(PoC) then helping you execute it.

When larger scale implementation is agreed, we guide you through key decisions like the correct size and constituent members of your eventual RPA Centre of Excellence(CoE), which will provide oversight and supervision, setting standards, and encouraging and enabling your operations teams as they build and deploy Bots.

All these ideas are presented in detail in our whitepaper A Hitchhiker’s Guide to RPA, which you can download free here.

Acquire an agile workforce available to deliver capacity to scale at a moment’s notice – with Automation Anywhere™ RPA from Extra Technology.

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