Bot Games London 2019

It was privilege to be involved with Automation Anywhere’s Bot Games London 2019 – their first outside India – as a sponsor and as a judge, but also as a competitor.

Intended for RPA Bot Developers, Architects, Business Program Leads, and Process Analysts, or just for anyone interested in learning more about Robotic Process Automation – Bot Games London was a can’t miss event.

Live competitions included:

Bot Wars

A live, multi-level bot-building challenge testing Automation Anywhere RPA skills under pressure.

Bot IQ

A live, onsite bot-building competition for IQ Bot builders.

Bot Design

A challenging, technical quiz competition to showcase Automation Anywhere knowledge and skills.

Bot Support

Testing production support skills by facing off against peers in a competition focused on the best support structure and SLA framework.

It was a perfect opportunity to test existing skills and to learn new skills. It also bore witness to the quantity of Automation Anywhere developers – with rooms full of competitors – and to their quality– as the leaders in Bot Wars completed 100% of their tasks with fully 20 minutes to go.

Many congratulations to the worthy winners. Extra Technology had the satisfaction to have several developers just outside the prizes, and of course all revved-up to do even better next year.