Analysts and commentators in all walks of life have expressed surprise and in some cases concern at the results of the Brexit Referendum in the UK, and the Presidential Election in the US. It occurs to me that both will be great news for at least one innovative technology.

Extra Technology enjoys a perhaps unique perspective on the recent acquisition of Automic by CA Technologies, having been a business partner of both companies and implemented workload automation solutions with both technology sets.

A blog by Paul Donoghue-Parker, Extra Technology’s Senior Account Manager.

What are the top-of-mind concerns for customer organisations when dealing with technology vendors and suppliers? At Extra Technology, we pride ourselves on building and maintaining close relationships with our customers. Here’s what we’re hearing from them.

Antony Askew - Extra Technology’s CA Practice Manager – presents a 30 minute Webinar introduction to CA Workload Automation iDash r12. This Webinar is intended for users of CA Workload Automation AutoSys/AE and CA Workload Automation CA-7.


CA Workload Automation DE, also known as dSeries, is a Workload Automation (WLA) platform from CA Technologies. It has been widely adopted as a WLA standard in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Even the best Workload Automation software remains simply a tool, with the correct expertise required to use it to optimum effect. In this blog Antony Askew, Extra Technology's Head of Practice, gives you the benefit of his years of experience in deploying and optimising Workload Automation solutions, cataloguing the most commonly made Workload Automation mistakes and how to avoid them.

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